Thursday, October 30, 2008

Story Of Boys & Girls

This is a REAL LIFE STORY but not the real name .. It happened not long ago

The story ,
Claus & Stellie has been together for 8 years an right now they are staying together , they've been through so many problems together no matter its big or small and all those things that cause argueing ... but they broke up last few week because Claus has done something REALLY REALLY BAD i mean it REALLY REALLY BAD. Stellie is very confuse right now , although they break up already but they are still staying together and Claus is asking Stellie for chance !! Stellie is very confuse now , she told me that 8 years relationship is not an easy things for her and she thought that Claus was the one for her , but after this incident she really confuse about should give him one more chance o not ??? Since they are staying together right now and have to face to face with each other everyday she felt so uncomfortable ...... Claus really really screw everything this time and the percentage of back together are low i think ... alot of ppl around her telling her to do this do that acutally its not really a good thing ! i told Stellie not to listen to what other people said and just go her own way but i think she is easily got effected by the wordsssss that other ppl said !!!!

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