Sunday, January 4, 2009


You lost me by the sea
Huge waves came crashing down
One by One

Signals were already showing
in red and white and glowing
Your strokes stopped following
the right path

I felt we could swim the distance
together in advance
I thought we did not need
any kind of reassurance
Somewhere along the way
We must have lost our balance

You lost me
Once you tried to conceal
your love for me which was real

Your frequent kisses started slowing
Slowing down
Slowing down

Once a love story and talk of the town
Everything came crashing down
Crashing down
Crashing down
Our love will never be the same
This is no longer a game

You lost me
Can't you see
What was once meant to be
The only key to my heart
Is now lost forever at sea

PS: This is just a poem and it means nothing at all ... just i felt something when reading it , yeah something hurting inside me

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